SERBSKE NOWINY is an evening newspaper published in Sorbian language five days a week. Established in 1920, it was soon (in 1937) banned by the Nazi regime. In 1947 it continued its activity with the name NOWA DOBA. The newspaper was in 1990 renamed into SERBSKE NOWINY. The newspaper plays the role of the spoksman of the Sorbian people in the bilingual German region of Lusatia promoting the use and further development of the Sorbian language.

The Sorbian language and culture is supported through the Foundation for the Sorbian Nation by the Federal Government of Germany, the Governments of Saxony and Brandenburg. From this resources the Serbske Nowiny are financed as well as other print-media. Recent market research shows that each copy of the paper is raed by an average of 3 to 4 people. SERBSKE NOWINY is published by the Sorbian-language publishing house Ludowe Nakładnistwo Domowina (Domowina Verlag GmbH), which publishes also a Lower Sorbian NOWY CASNIK (which has about 1,000 subscribers), a monthly childern-magazine, a monthly cultural-magazine and religious press for both catholic and evangelical communities. Beside the periodical press, annuall some 30 to 40 books in Sorbian language or bilingual Sorbian-German are issued. Ludowe Nakładnistwo Domowina (Domowina Verlag GmbH)has a main office in Budyšin (Bautzen), while a branch publishing unit is located in Chośebuz (Cottbus), Brandenburg.